Fine Wine offers stability in the midst of global Covid-19 uncertainties.
Graph from Liv-Ex

Fine Wine offers stability in the midst of global Covid-19 uncertainties.

While all around the world stock markets tumble, are you wondering where to invest your capital?

In an article published last Friday by the trading platform Liv-ex, fine wine is proving yet again to be a haven for the investor who is looking for an alternative to the volatility of the international equities markets.

According to Liv-ex;

“Global equities have taken a severe hit this past week as Covid-19 has continued to spread globally. With every small piece of fresh news adding to the uncertainty, finding calm waters has been challenge. But as you can see in the chart above, fine wine has been almost boringly stable.

“With a low correlation to equity markets, fine wine moves at a glacial pace and is generally influenced by two long term economic fundamentals – namely supply and demand. Over the past three months, wine prices have drifted, due to factors both internal (wine tariffs) and external (Covid-19), but there has been scant evidence of panic selling. Indeed, long term buyers are emerging to hunt for any bargains that might appear.”

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