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Fine Wine Investment News | December Wine Market Report

The Fine Wine Market at the end of 2021 ends on a record high.

The Liv-Ex 100 the industry’s benchmark of 100 top performing wines finished up 23%, outperforming Gold and the FTSE 100.

Best performing regions were Burgundy, then Bordeaux and Champagne in order of most traded.

Although Burgundy had a strong year – taking its highest ever share of total trade by value (22%) – the standout performer was Champagne.

The Champagne 50 – a sub-index of the Liv-ex 1000 – rose 40.5% between January and December 2021. Salon 2002 was the best performer 108% by the end of December.

The performance of the Champagne 50 only seemed to get stronger as the year came to an end. The index rose 8.1% in November and 5.8% in December, putting on the afterburners to leave its fellow sub-indices far behind. Only the Burgundy 150 which rose 31.0% ended the year with anything close to the same record.

The year was also marked by rising demand for Rose Champagne, sales in the US grew and were up 219% compared to 2020.

With all the uncertainty of Brexit, Covid and inflation rising, the fine wine market has been surprisingly buoyant and due to its little correlation to the broader markets, and scarcity of wines on the market, 2022 the year ahead, looks very positive and we expect to see a continuation of the bull market that has marked 2021 as good year for wine investors.

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