About Us

Corkr Fine Wines has been managing Fine Wine Investment Portfolios for clients since 2009.

We have built up a reputation as one of the foremost companies in wine investment, allowing you to receive the right market insight before investing. Our team of wine professionals have a combined background of over 50 years of wine and financial service knowledge, 

It’s important to us that we only buy from reputable sources with integrity and transparency. Therefore we pride ourselves on giving you a professional but personal management service. Above all, it gives our clients access to our expertise in the field, guiding you through the complex area of Fine Wine. 


Corkr Fine Wines are one of approximately 400 members worldwide of the Fine Wine Trading platform Liv-ExThe overwhelming benefit of Liv-Ex is their data, market insight, and Fine Wine industry analysis. 

Historic data for every Fine Wine traded on their platform is at our fingertips. This data includes release prices, market movements and an in-depth insight into the current best trading prices. These tools are invaluable to anyone looking to invest in wines.

Liv-ex has distribution hubs in the UK, Europe and Asia so we can ensure that wine moves around the world safely and is sourced at the best international prices.

Their data combined with our industry experience and expertise mean that we will always have the most up-to-date information to underpin your investments. We know the best time to buy or sell and we understand the need to react quickly or to be patient.

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Interested in Investing in Fine Wine with us?

You can email investment@corkr.com or call +44 (0)1502 676110.

We’ll talk you through an initial consultation, whether investing as a business or as an individual, we can find the right level of investment for your budget. You are always welcome to come and visit us at our office on the Suffolk Coast, near Southwold.