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Why Investing Works


Here is where we look to the future, answering “Yes” to the above questions is a must.  If you’re unsure where to start, finding investments that work for you are important, Fine Wine can be a way to grow or to diversify your future investments.

We’ll talk you through an initial consultation, whether investing as a business or as an individual, we can find the right level of investment for your budget. You are always welcome to come and visit us at our office on the Suffolk Coast, near Southwold.

Do you have capital that isn’t being used?

It’s an interesting point to consider, many people and businesses have money in the bank that isn’t immediately required. These savings could be put to work in the medium term rather than sleeping in the bank.

What returns are you getting from your current investments?

Fine Wine has out-performed the FTSE100 and has emerged as the better performing asset class over the past fifteen years. While global equities have been under pressure, Fine Wine has been as solid as a rock.

How do your current investments compare to Fine Wine?

The Liv-Ex Fine Wine100 has seen increases of 20% in value over the last 5 years, are your current investments performing this well for you?

How Tax-Efficient is Fine Wine?

Fine Wines is well regarded as a tax-efficient investment. Generally, Fine Wine can be considered a ‘wasting asset’ and thus is exempt from Capital Gains Tax (CGT).

Understanding The Fine Wine Market

 It’s important to understand the Fine Wine Market, and it’s easy to think that by simply buying a number of cases that you’ll quickly and easily make gains. With our our knowledge and experience, we’ll craft you a a sustainable, dependable portfolio of Fine Wines.